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Speakeasies are - obviously - nothing new but Dublin only recently starting riding on the furtive coattails of those in New York, London and Berlin.

The Liquor Room The Liquor Room

If a modern-day speakeasy is defined by a clandestine entrance, artisanal cocktails and a strict reservations policy, often via Twitter, in Dublin there's Vintage Cocktail Club (, The Blind Pig (@BlindPigDublin), and while, not a speakeasy per se, The Liquor Rooms (@TheLiquorRooms)?in the Clarence Hotel's basement, ticks all those vaudevillian mixology boxes. And if you like those, you'll like? PARIS Little Red Door, all exposed brickwork, innovative cocktails and a Manhattan vibe ( ?

LONDON Nightjar, for 1920s styling, vintage glassware and live jazz ( -


NEW YORK PDT Shorthand for Please Don't Tell, this is no longer a secret, but entering the bar through a vintage phone booth never fails to amuse (

pdtbar11 PDT New York

Taken from CARA magazine's October/November issue avaiable on Aer Lingus flights @CARAMagazine

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