Gigi Hadid Was Groped And Nothing Was Done About It

Personal space is something that everyone understands but women, in particular, are extremely conscious of their space, especially in public. Our boundaries have to be mentally mapped because once we close our front door, we are at a higher risk for verbal abuse, robbery, and sexual assault. Something has innocuous has having a stranger stand behind you at a darkened bus stop can set alarm bells ringing.

This morning I made my commute to work in what felt like a sardine-can on tracks (thanks, Dublin bus), and I felt at a loss without my own personal space. The hands, arms, and legs of five or so people I had never met before precariously touched me and I felt uncomfortable. But at least I felt relatively in control of my situation; insofar as I could get off the train at any point and free myself from'my close proximity.

This week supermodel Gigi Hadid was groped by a man and nothing was done about it. In fact, she was stopped from taking action and defending her own body and personal space in what can only be described as 'hushing?the innocent for the sake of peace'. While being escorted to her car after the Max Mara show in Milan this week, Gigi was forcefully picked up, from behind, by a totally stranger. In self-defense, the model hit and kicked her attacker to free herself. When she did manage to escape, she was held back from confronting her attacker by a security guard, while the prosecutor walked free without hassle. Nobody pursued him or questioned him while Gigi was escorted to her car - clearly furious at the security guard's'decision to not take action.

In spirited fashion, tabloids captured the event?in the only way they know how: by executing an innocent girl.


The media's decision to blatantly ignore the ignorance at this man's decision to invade a woman's space without her permission further exemplifies how our society has adopted a culture that deems it okay for people to behave in this?way. At least Gigi stood her ground and chose to fight instead of fleeing. Those boxing lessons came in handy, eh?


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