Gift Ideas For Brothers, Boyfriends & Dads

Buying gifts for your male loved ones can often feel impossible, partly?because you have no idea what you bought them before was a success or not. You can't be sure because they show zero emotion when opening gifts and even if they hate it they'll never return it because they're too lazy. They'll even probably wear/use it at one time or another because they haven't done the laundry (see: lazy) or the PS4 network has gone down. So you resort to asking those prodding questions you always resent your mother for asking like ?"Do you like it?" "Are you sure?" "Do you want me to return it?", all of which are met with a non-committal grunt and a curt nod that give it vaguely positive connotations.

Well why not change it up this year and put down the cable-knits and woolly socks. We've got 11 gift ideas for your brothers, boyfriends and dads that don't involve chequered shirts or their favourite sports team. Read on and pick up something they'll be pleasantly surprised by this Christmas (but, of course, will never show it).


Brewdog Punk IPA Beer Making Kit



Brewing your own beer has been?all the rage this year with local?craft breweries popping up?everywhere and men thinking a six-pack?of homebrew is an acceptable wedding gift ( true story). Why not get someone started (not to mention likely end up with a non-poisonous end product) with this Brewdog Beer Making Kit. Available from Firebox, ?55.09.


Armani Exchange Gun Metal Watch

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For someone who has a slightly larger budget (it'd have to stretch to €273!) but this very Bond-esque watch is the perfect gift for a brother or boyfriend who is also hitting a big birthday around this time of year. Available on ASOS.


Hugo Boss The Scent Gift Set



Hugo Boss The Scent is the seductive aftershave?of the season and it's simply delicious so be prepared to be smelling your boyfriend all winter long with this one. Gift set available at Boots, ?60.


Personalised Embossed Leather 2016 Diary


Add a personal touch for a busy man with this embossed leather diary. Available in a range of colours, it makes for a thoughtful and simple gift. Available from, ?29.87.



Boom Box Touch Speaker


No need to connect this powerful speaker to your phone with wires or Bluetooth- just lay it on top of the speaker and it'll play tunes for up to four hours. Super light and dead easy to use this will be the most-used gift over the Christmas. Available on Firebox, ?34.39.


Ridley's Games Room Poker Set


Full set of chips and two packs of cards in a graphic print, this poker set will fit in nicely in anyone's man cave.?Get practising your poker face.




Deakin & Francis Pig Head Cufflinks


Another one for the bigger budget, these cufflinks add the a little bit of humour to a formal occasion. We can't decide if they're sweet or morbid but we're sure you'll get a giggle out of the receiver. Available in Weir & Sons, €480.


Ted Baker Cultivate Beard Grooming Kit



Another thing that doesn't appear to be dying is men's passion for their facial hair. Yes sometimes it can look quite becoming but sometimes it can get a little... Hagridy. Do him and you a favour and pick this Beard grooming kit, and maybe some Carmex too while you're at it. Available at Boots, ?32.


Irish Whiskey Stones


Perfect for any whiskey fiend, put these Connemara marble stones in the freezer and let them cool your favourite tipple again and again. Available from Makers & Brothers, ?29.



The Mark and the Void by Paul Murray

Screen shot 2015-12-09 at 09.39.15

A book about the Irish banking crisis is one you'd think you'd want to avoid like the plague but this comic, anarchic take by Paul Murray tackles economics and weather-related humour with a deft hand and a wry wit. Available in Easons, ?14.20.


The Walking Dead Monopoly Survival Edition

Monopoly Gameboard

It's time to change up the traditional game with this Walking Dead?edition. You'll be risking much more than just financial ruin - you could become part of the undead with this one. Dibs being Rick! Available at Selfridges, ?65.



Wacaco Minipresso


Have a man who is so obsessed with Nespressos he willing queued in that bonkers queue in Brown Thomas a few years back before the Nespresso store opened? Well check out this neatly-designed portable Minipresso. Just add a capsule of ground coffee, hot water and?a few pumps of the piston and you'll have lovely aromatic coffee anywhere you like. Available from Wacaco, $59.



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