Getting to Know Vogue Williams

This week we had the pleasure of catching up with one of the soundest, most down-to-Earth women in Irish showbiz, Vogue Williams. She first found fame on RT?'s Fade Street before kicking off her career as a DJ, TV personality, blogger and more. At 28, she's got an impressive array of strings to her bow. As she teams up with Topaz to launch?Re.Store; Topaz's new artisan food and barista coffee offering, she takes time out to fill us in on what she's been up to, her fitness routines, her guilty pleasures and more.

You're currently promoting lovely artisanal treats in Topaz, but what does Vogue Williams' dinner look like? Are you super health conscious or do you ever eat baddies at all?
I think it's good to allow yourself a cheat day. I'm quite healthy during the week, and my dinners are carb free, maybe salmon and broccoli or chili. At the weekends I definitely indulge, and there is always a pizza in there at some point!

We hear you are super strong, what does your average workout look like?
Ha ha, I wouldn't say I'm super strong, but I'm definitely fit, I work out regularly. I do high-intensity classes and PT sessions, I have started putting a lot of my workouts on Instagram & Facebook for people to follow - check it out!

New work out thanks to @meganfarmer21 in @thegymhowth 😁

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*Quickly scrambles to Vogue's Instagram* You split your time between here and London, how does all of the travel affect your efforts to remain health conscious?
I'm very organised, so traveling doesn't affect my diet at all. I bring snacks for the flight but to be honest I always fall asleep on the plane so never end up eating them.

The best thing about summer 99's mmmmm

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The dream! You just came first in The Jungle - that's insane - what was the highest/lowest point in there?
I honestly loved being in there; we got to do some of the most amazing things in a stunning rainforest. I loved the abseiling and trekking, but I couldn't pick a favourite point because they were all great moments. A low point was the night of hell, when we built a shelter that didn't work and we got soaked, there were puddles in my sleeping bag and we were just left there, that was tough one!

Christ, we'd have died. We were major Fade St fans - do you attribute any of your success today to that?
Fade Street was great for me; it was my stepping stone into TV, and I definitely think that helped me in my career.

You're also a great blogger - why did you start blogging? Have you found it has helped your career? What's your favourite blog?
I started blogging because people were always asking me where my clothes were from and for tips on different outfits/styles, so this was my way of reaching everyone and showing them what I love. It's getting more difficult to keep it up as I get busier, but I do enjoy it. My favourite blog is probably They All Hate Us.

What's the greatest career advice you've ever been given?
What's for you won't pass you by. This is a great quote and perfect for the industry I work in. Sometimes I could go for a job I really want and won't get it but it just means there's something different out there for me!


You're a highly regarded DJ, what songs are you listening to right now?
I listen to a crazy amount of songs, I am constantly looking for new music for my show, ?Houseparty? on Spin103.8, so I spend a lot of time listening to new music. At the moment I'm getting back into hip hop, buying all the old albums I have and screaming along to them!

New blog post up, Sheer Delight... Ft @renekcouture @finderskeepersthelabel @riverisland X

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We'll have to put that to the test. Desert island beauty products you couldn't live without?
Decleor moisturizer, lip balm and my Cocoa Brown, Tough Stuff Exfoliator.

Ultimate guilty pleasure??
My guilty pleasure is reality TV I love it! Real Housewives, The Kardashians, all of that rubbish!

What's next for Vogue? What can we look forward to in 2015??
I've just finished my show ?Vogue Does - Straight A's? for RTE and will be filming another one in LA in June called Mean Girls. I've got a lot of DJing commitments, as well as DJing in Ibiza for the first time this summer.

Wow, busy bee! To prove that you're not a superhero (as that's what you sound like to us), what's your greatest fear?
My greatest fear is losing someone close to me. I'm a very big family and friends person and have a lot of close people to me, and the thought of losing any of them scares me.

And so we don't rub you up the wrong way in future, what's your pet hate?
My pet hate is probably rude people I can't stand it, or litterbugs.



Re.Store, a dynamic new Irish food, coffee and convenience concept, has joined forces with Ireland's leading fuel retailer, Topaz, to revolutionise the forecourt and convenience experience.

Providing a balanced and nutritious range of fresh, healthy and delicious food for people on the go, Re.Store is transforming service stations throughout the country with unprecedented choices in food and coffee. At Re.Store, the finest beans and superior blends will meet with the care and attention of skilled baristas to ensure every cup is made to perfection. From the wholesome food to the handcrafted barista coffee - quality is top priority.


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