Overwhelmed? Get out into nature to reboot your brain

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the pressure of city living? In IMAGE HQ, we’re lucky that our offices reside beside the sea so that any brain fog that builds up over a day of getting the creative juices flowing can be cleared with a walk on the harbour. For those of you immersed in city hustle and bustle, it's not so easy.

We're big advocates for getting back to nature every so often, and we're not the only ones who recognise its benefits for rebooting our brains. Chatting with us about the new BMW X2, designer and entrepreneur Chupi Sweetman mentioned that she tries to get out of the city to unwind a few times a year, and having grown up in Wicklow surrounded by nature and beauty, it's clear where she derives her inspiration from. Her pieces are known for being all about natural beauty and for someone whose career is so creatively driven, Chupi is a great reminder of why we need to tap back into that nature every so often.

Science backs it up too; a 2014 study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology found that people who went on long walks scored higher on creativity examinations than those that didn't, and people who went on outdoor walks came up with more imaginative ideas than those who walked on treadmills. There's also the basic biology; time spent outdoors and breathing fresh air encourages better brain function, more energy and decreased stress levels. It's the perfect alternative to a workaholic's typical week in the city.

Especially with career-driven women, it can be tough to detach from the idea that we always have to be 'on' - we've spent so long fighting to be on an equal playing field at work, that we're almost scared to take time for ourselves from our workload. The reality is that those who dare to dream big and work hard to achieve big things deserve some time to unwind and get back to our roots (pun not intended).

For someone working in the creative industry, or even someone who wants to detach from the rat race for a few days, having an escape route from the city is a must. It can be great to take the train or bus out of the city but if you want to really get into the spirit of things, a great car that's athletic but elegant is the perfect way to travel to a secluded spot for some much needed me-time.


The BMW X2 is driven by innovation and dreaming big, so it's the perfect car to take some inspiration for that creative block. Light alloy wheels, athletic silhouette and high-precision handling are just some of the ways in which it's breaking the mould. It's also the perfect cross between a city car and something to take you further out - it's a Sports Activity Coupé and is also available as an M Sport X model, for the first time ever by BMW X.

And of course, the best part of any car trip is the power ballads being sung by the passengers. To see the X2 in action and how it measures up to carpool karaoke standards, check out a glimpse into its launch at Eatyard last Friday.

With gorgeous features and the power behind it to handle a more rugged landscape, the BMW X2 is a perfect choice for a weekend (or longer) getting back to nature. Start dusting off those hiking boots now.

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