Get ready to brighten up your living space – ASOS homeware is on its way

It's no secret that we're big fans of ASOS here at IMAGE HQ. Not only are we always keeping our eyes peeled for the latest drops, but hardly a day goes by without at least one of their black and white parcels arriving at the door. Perfect for everything from great jeans to a show-stopping dress, they always have our wardrobe covered.

The great news is that now our home can enjoy the same special treatment, as ASOS are launching ASOS SUPPLY, an in-house-designed homeware collection, on February 4. Created with twenty-somethings in mind, it's fun and affordable, with prices starting from around nine euros, perfect for sprucing up your (let's face it) probably rented gaff, without breaking the bank.

Products will be divided into three styles: Eclectic Luxe, Cool Minimal and Global Traveller, so whether you're into geometric patterns or tassels on everything, there's something for you. Here's a sneak peek at the pieces we're going to be adding to our cart immediately.

ASOS homeware

Minimal Woven Throw 


A throw is the simplest way to zhuzh up any room, instantly making it look like you're very artsy and eclectic. Sofa a bit sad-looking? Drape a throw on it. Coffee table covered in stains? Drape a throw on it. Bedcovers have an embarrassing floral pattern? You've guessed it, time for a throw. This rule can also be applied to people: I often drape myself in a throw when I'm feeling a little below-par. For all your throwing needs, this gorgeous one not only has a geometric terrazzo-like pattern, but its cool palette will go with a wide range of colours.

ASOS homeware

Frill Rug

The interiors equivalent of that pair of shoes you bought (probably from ASOS) that are a little out there, and entirely impractical for Irish weather: this rug is ridiculous and amazing in equal measures. The fabric says bath mat, yet the frills scream 'boudoir', and it combines the palest of pastels with zingy lime green. Is it for a bedroom? A bathroom? Who knows. Whatever room you decide to add it to, it will brighten it up to no end.

ASOS homeware

Minimal Tray & Pot Trinket Dish

As every good procrastinator knows, it's imperative to tidy your desk before doing any actual work. This tray will make the process easier by giving you somewhere to put things, and also bring some cool minimalist chic to your workspace. Just don't forget to place everything at right angles before you Instagram your #desksetup.


ASOS homeware

Origami Tumblers

These cute glasses will make every drink feel a little fancier, and are even nice enough to serve cocktails out of. Their unusual shape and warm colour will add some tropical vibes to your kitchen, even if outside, it's actually a miserable February night.

Featured image: Animal Print Bowl and Angular Metal Jar


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