Get Out Of Your Work Out Rut

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Let's face it - Feeling the burn is part of the addiction of exercise - we love to feel that a little achy the day after our session.? It's almost like your body's way of being gracious and we like to be reminded of how long we held that plank for every time we laugh, cough or sneeze.

But if sometimes your workout can seem a little flat and you wonder are you getting the benefits like you did when you started.? There's a few sure signs that your exercise plan could do with an over haul.

If you benefited from weight loss when you first took up exercise and now that seems to have hit plateau or dare I say you have noticed your weight creeping up it's time to mix up your routine.

Over time your body will adapt to an exercise routine and you will stop seeing additional benefits.?It's important to constantly trick the body and confuse your muscles on a regular basis in order for them to get stronger and to continue burning fat and calories and keep yourself motivated at the same time.

Create A New Play List - The two most important qualities of workout music are tempo & rhythm and most of us have a natural tendency to synchronise our movement to the beat - That's what makes us want to break out and boogie when we hear gangman style on the radio.

A new play list will change your movement pattern when you workout even if you keep the same run route.


Keep A Journal - There is something quite unique about looking back at an exercise journal to see just what you have achieved.? It's a great way to keep you motivated and it becomes easier to see when you need a new routine - how long have you been doing your current run route?? If it's down on paper you can be accurate about how long & when it's time to change

Set A New Goal - A goal can be a simple as - enlisting in a new class, trying a new workout for a month or even adding a new exercise to your routine each week.? Setting a goal is the most effective way to stick to your exercise plan.

Take up a group exercise class - Ever wondered why people flock to group exercise classes in their droves while you pound it out on the treadmill alone?? Well studies show that 90% of people adhere to exercise if they do it with a friend.? And whilst it may not be your bestie in the class next to you, psychologically going through an exercise routine with others makes it seem more manageable.

Workout like a pro - Professional athletes workout in planned cycles.? They have preseason and post season workouts.? Carefully calculated downtime to ensure they don't over train for their event.? You may not be a pro but you still need down time.? If you do a lot of cardio & strength training, adding a flexibility or relaxation session into your week could do wonders for your workout.

Milena Byrne @platinumpilates

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