Busy or not, you need to get a hobby

If you’ve ever partaken in a group interview or icebreaker challenge, you’ll have been asked this dreaded question: got any hobbies? You wrack your brains to come up with something good; something that isn’t, ‘I watch TV and drink wine’. You’re determined to sound interesting, but it’s easy to come up short. We live in a world where everything is fast-paced and high-pressured; our lives revolve so much around work and family that there’s hardly time for socializing; let alone hobbies. But that’s no excuse.

There are some things in life we simply make time for. Whether it’s breakfast with the kids; your hair appointment; or the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy; we all make time for the things that matter to us. Hobbies shouldn’t be any different. They’re not just for fun; they’re good for us and should be incorporated into everyone’s lives.

Take stress management. Nobody can operate at full capacity 100% of the time. We all need a break to recharge our batteries so we can complete our tasks with a clear, rested mind. But sitting down and staying still doesn’t suit everyone. If you’re the type of person who needs to keep busy but also needs a break from work, take up a productive hobby. Whether it’s baking; embroidery; pottery; or home brewing; choose something that gives you a sense of purpose.

Having a hobby to look forward to can also make you more efficient in other aspects of your life. Parkinson’s Law says, “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion". This means we’re more likely to work late into the evening if we’ve nothing else to do. But, if you have a quilt-making class to get to or a swimming lesson to attend, you’re more inclined to get your tasks done quickly. In that sense, having a hobby makes you more organized and resourceful.

What’s more, hobbies create an opportunity to meet new people. Making friends as an adult is hard; few of us have the childlike ability to become besties with everyone we meet. Joining a club or group of people with similar interests is a great way to mingle. Not only will you have something in common with the club members; it’s also something to talk about with your colleagues; no more awkward silences by the water cooler and kettle.


Most importantly, you deserve a hobby. Hobbies are something you do for yourself, nobody else. Allow yourself some me-time and don't feel guilty about it. Your interests matter; they shape who you are. Grab your paintbrush; running shoes; or knitting needles and do what you've got to do.

Photo: Rawpixel, Unsplash

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