George Clooney's Next Movie Project?

George Clooney to team up with fashion designer and A Single Man director Tom Ford in new film?

When he's not married to the most stylish international human rights barrister going, Mr George Clooney has been known to act in some movies.

It seems his time as Amal's arm candy might be coming to an end. Apparently he's about to ink his next starring role - and it's one that fashion fans are going to love. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the actor is connected to designer Tom Ford's next movie project. Ford hasn't been behind the camera since 2009, and his return to the studio is highly anticipated by film fans.

Ford's first film A Single Man was universally acclaimed for its cinematography and empathetic story of a man struggling in the aftermath of his lover's sudden death. This time round Ford is adapting Austin Wright's novel Tony and Susan into a full-length feature, Nocturnal Animals. The plot tells the story of a separated couple who get back into touch after the ex-husband writes a book and seeks his ex-wife's advice on the manuscript.


Ford wrote the screenplay and Clooney's production studio Smokehouse Pictures are planning on bringing the adaptation to the big screen. Hence rumours about Clooney starring. To be honest, the script sounds like it would suit George down to the ground.

What say you?

Hollywood Reporter

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