Garthgate Hits Dunnes Stores

The fall-out from Garthgate is even hitting one of Ireland's favourite retailers...

Uh-oh! It seems the destruction wreaked after the fallout of Garthgate is not just affecting the surprisingly high number of country music fans in Ireland, but also one of our favourite Irish low-cost clothing stores too. Yes, it seems in anticipation of Garth coming to town Dunnes Stores invested in a clothing line dedicated to the man himself, especially for his concert tour in Dublin this year. Oops..

The line which consists of Garth-themed t-shirts, as well as an apparent sizable investment in cowboy hats and boots, was seen by several shoppers in the past week who tweeted pictures of the Garth-themed merchandise?


What's even worse is that because the writing is so specific, reading "Team Gareth Dublin 2014", they can't be sold to shops abroad where he's actually touring, or recycled for use. It seems for Dunnes Stores, the only hope is either that the powers that be somehow makes the concerts go ahead, or perhaps more realistically, hipsters start buying them in droves, in the latest bid to be kitsch and ironic, or as some sort of social commentary on Ireland's disastrous organization skills, and ehh existentialism or something. Either way, be it country fans, top politicians or casual shoppers, it appears the fall-out of Garthgate knows no bounds.

Show or no, would you purchase a Team Garth Dublin 14 t-shirt?

Rachel Lavin @RachelLavin


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