Game On

Maybe GOT will do for Northern Ireland what Lord of the Rings did for New Zealand? Here's hoping.

When the Game of Thrones exhibition that opens in Belfast's Waterfront Hall today (on until Sunday) was on in NYC's Meatpacking District this winter, queues went round and round the block despite the polar vortex, shocking fans who thought it would be easy to get a glimpse of a few Lannister swords and sit on the Iron Throne.

Even though tickets for the Belfast gig sold out within hours of going on sale last month, your chances of getting near the props are much better up North - just live on Gumtree for a few hours. Once inside, start with the interactive virtual reality Oculus Rift exhibit and you won't be disappointed. Finally, head off into the countryside to tour some of the series? shooting locations. You'll swear you're in Westeros.


The Northern Ireland Tourist Board has published a handy map of the key spots. Download it and other GOT info here and off you go. Just look out for dragons.

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