Want the secret to making the most perfect burger? We got you

The Handsome guide to the best burger...


Look no further than your ingredients. In Ireland, we are blessed with having some of the best beef in the world, so this burger is sure to be an easy crowd-pleaser.

Go to your local butcher, ask for a blend of the fattier cuts; chuck or short rib would be my suggestion. Either way, for the juiciest results, ask for an 80/20 ratio with fat content and ask for it to be put through the mincer one or two times extra, so it’s finely ground.

Order 24oz/680g of beef for 4 x 6oz/170g patties. Once home, roll them into 4 small circular balls. Form them gently to avoid toughening up the meat.


Place the patty onto a flat-top grill or a cast iron pan. Some people prefer the beef cooked over charcoal, but I think the griddle creates a better crust and seals in the flavour for added juiciness.

Push the patties down to an inch thickness. Season with sea salt.

Try and move the burger as little as possible; one flip after 3½ minutes should do the trick.

Whilst the burger is searing, briefly toast your brioche buns in the pan.

Sauce your buns with your sauce of choice. To whip up something easy, try a mustard mayo by mixing Dijon mustard with some thickly diced pickles and a dollop of mayo. Keep the condiments simple; I tend to go with pickles and some fresh rocket.

For the last minute of cooking, add some sautéed onions and cheese of your choice to the burgers.

Assemble the top and bottom and ensure you have enough napkins.


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Started in 2016 as a street food stall by Rory McCormack and Cathal O’Connor, Handsome Burger is now situated on Dominick Street in Galway, handsomeburger.com.


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