Gallery: Trainwreck Premiere at The Savoy

Today's water cooler conversation starter across the country is ?Did you see Trainwreck at the weekend?? And, yes we did. Last Friday night we found ourselves stomping along to the premiere, past queues of selfie sticks, outside the Savoy cinema on Dublin's O'Connell Street. Inside the crowd brimmed and woooooooped and stood for leading lady Amy Schumer as the cast of the movie arrived for a brief Q&A with Dublin International Film Festival Director Grainne Humphreys. Bill Hader and Amy Schumer, who Dublin fell in love with the night before, charmed while Judd Apatow knocked back a Guinness.

As for the movie? Very funny. Tilda Swinton is a revelation of journalist Amy's hard-hearted yet hilarious editor boss. LeBron James? extended cameo as a basketball superstar who loves Downton Abbey was adorable. And Amy brings her characteristic cutting jokes. There is a little bit of formulaic rom-com-ing towards the end, but overall thumbs-up.



Pictures by?Brian McEvoy

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