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Last night's personal diary entry read ?OPSH party, OPSH HQ?, but we may have to go back and edit our notes to ?OPSH party - celebrating amazing women, OPSH HQ - one very workspace envy triggering abode?. Yes, a cool party for a fashion start-up run by the stylish McGinn sisters has predictably excellent decor and a guestlist of a who's who in sound Dublin-based women worth knowing.

#Inspo #Inspo

The McGinn sisters started out as fashion bloggers in 2009, back when blogging wasn't the ghost written book deal hawking and subtle endorsement game it is now. In a land before Instagram, Jennie, Grace and Sarah posted their outfits to What Will I Wear Today, and within two years built up an international cult following.

Keep that brand brandin'. Keep that brand brandin'.

Confidence boosted, and hard graft proven, they left behind the world of safe offices and launched their first ?proper? business, The Prowlster. A shoppable online magazine, this too-cool-for-school endeavour was their first foray into tech and garnered them a lot of jealous praise in design circles. They even managed that most fashionable of tech world triumphs - an ?exit? ?- when they sold the business and moved on to the next idea.

Prosecco, because this is fashion after all. Prosecco, because this is fashion after all.

When we say idea, we mean small revolution. For the past two years OPSH has been carving out an enviable space in fashion e-commerce, building a shopping platform that enables you to set up one account to shop dozens of shops and hundreds of brands with ease. After all those months of long hours, testing the product, building up a customer base, it was high time for an OPSH party.

Let them have cocktails, chats, and of course, mini cakes. Let them have cocktails, chats, and of course, mini cakes.

While we sipped/gulped on Teeling's Whiskey cocktails and sampled/tore through the Deliveroo tapas, we got a greedy eyeful of one of start-up Dublin's most fancy offices, a smorgasbord of quirky minimalism and loud pink accents. Can we take a moment of awed silence for that neon sign?

OPSh founders Jennie, Sarah, Grace McGinn. OPSh founders Jennie, Sarah, Grace McGinn.

Towards the chilled end, there was a speech from Jennie as she surveyed the crowd from atop some office furniture. The young CEO referenced the ups and downs, the hard graft, the brilliant rewards. But what stood out most of all was her commitment to making OPSH bigger and better. It was the perfect endnote to a swell night. And those cocktails were swell.

Photos by Emma Buckley

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