Gallery: 25 Gorgeous Celebrity Engagement Rings

News of Jennifer Aniston's wedding had everyone in a tizzy (including us) as we clamour to get a glimpse of her wedding ring and maybe someday soon, her dress. A glimpse of her wedding ring got us thinking about the incredible engagement ring she received from her now husband Justin Theroux, and we realised that many celebrities are sporting (or have done in the past) amazing rings that are so beautiful to look at, we thought they deserved a place together in a handy gallery. And who doesn't like looking at gorgeous rings? Though these are all way out of our price range (unless you're really lucky), they may give those hoping to get a ring put on it soon, some inspiration of the shape, cut and colour you might like in your own. Do you prefer over-stated glamour or simple elegance?

Though we have serious ring envy just looking at these, it does't hurt to dream, right?


Which one is your favourite?

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