Funny People

We look at unlikely Twitter comedians and James Blunt is suddenly cool...

Earlier this week Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar tweeted about his assistant losing his shoes and it got us thinking about our favourite tweeters who bring the giggles without having the job title of comedian in their bio.

One of the best is You're Beautiful scribe James Blunt. Ever since we discovered his Twitter we've been tittering. Blunt responds to all the haters with quips so sharp we bet all those keyboard warriors are getting whiplash from laughing so hard. Sometimes he's a bit too naughty for the work computer but give him a surreptitious?follow while you're here.


Poet and couture clothes horse Daphne Guinness was already one of our favourite personalities and her Twitter is at times confounding but always so very her. We don't claim to understand much of what she says but we love most of her rambling thoughts.

Ronan Farrow - Woody Allen and Mia Farrow's only biological child, famously estranged from his father - has quite the resum?. A child prodigy, he graduated college as a teen and then fitted in some time at Yale Law School as well a Rhodes Scholarship from Oxford before finding himself working in the Obama Administration and acting as a special adviser to Ms Hillary Clinton. While all that was happening he was a spokesperson for UNICEF, campaigning for the rights of the marginalised in Darfur. However, it's his Twitter account and his screw-it attitude to propriety that has us favouriting most of his 140 characters. While he delivered the mother of all verbal slaps on last year's Father's Day when he referenced Woody Allen's marriage to his adopted sister, ?Happy father's day -- or as they call it in my family, happy brother-in-law's day?, it was his blas? reaction to speculation about his parentage and his mother's relationship with her ex-husband Frank Sinatra that won Twitter.


Meanwhile American singer Josh Groban gives Ronan Farrow a run for his geopolitics-on-Twitter-money.

And lastly we want to give all of our love to the Garda Traffic account. They love puns and they love obeying the law.


Jeanne Sutton @jeannedesutun

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