Fun and empowering: 8 celebrities to follow on Instagram now

Fill your Instagram feeds with these eight inspiring female celebrities 

I've recently cleared my Instagram feed of all negative energy. I unfollowed accounts that make me sad, angry and jealous; and in their place, I followed a lot of people who bring me joy. A 'Marie Kondo'ing of sorts.

Among those new, joyful accounts are many celebrity women. More specifically, famous women who are funny, honest and relatable. Some are mothers, some are activists for equal education, some are just downright hysterical.

What they all have in common is their ability to make me smile, and with the world full of hardship, we could all do with a bit of happiness right now. Here's who I recommend you follow on Instagram now:


Stacey Solomon

If you want a relatable and honest portrayal of motherhood (in a positive-thinking sort of way), Stacey Solomon is your woman. Nothing is off-limits on her Instagram account. Follow Stacey for content about leaky boobs, sleepless nights and the realities of pumping.

Jennifer Garner

If it's funny videos and cute dogs you're after, follow 13 Going On 30 star, Jennifer Garner. She also shares relatable memes about parenting, as well as delicious recipe ideas. The actress is involved in a lot of charity work too, often sharing inspiring stories about the children she meets along the way.


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Michelle Obama

Looking for inspiration to go out and get things done? Follow Michelle Obama. Since leaving the White House, the mother-of-two regularly shares motivating stories about family life, education and health. She's a positive-thinking person and that definitely shines through in her posts. She also shares photos of her dogs from time to time, which is an obvious selling point.

Michelle Obama

Chrissy Teigen

Ah, Chrissy Teigen. She's just as good on Instagram as she in on Twitter (and she's excellent on Twitter). The mother-of-two doesn't take herself too seriously and is always willing to poke fun at herself. Plus, her family is the most photogenic bunch of people we've ever seen. 'Beautiful photos' is an understatement.


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Reese Witherspoon

Do you like pretty photos, cute dogs, funny videos and the occasional meme? You'll like following Reese Witherspoon on Instagram. Plus she hangs out with other celebrities, and who doesn't like to spy on Hollywood's A-listers?


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Courteney Cox

Having only joined Instagram this year, Courteney Cox has taken to it like a fish to water. Always sharing hilarious throwback photos (not to mention recent hangouts with her former Friends co-stars), Courteney's account has quickly become one of my favourites.

Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow



This has to be our favourite account to follow for fun and body positivity. Lizzo is confident, gorgeous and gas – plus she plays the flute exceptionally well. What's not to love?


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I love how random Oprah is. One day she's out in the garden, getting excited over some flowers; other days she's hanging out with her friend Gayle King and the dogs. Both of these things might sound mundane – but they way Oprah documents it all on Instagram, they're the most fun things in the world.


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Is there anyone else you think is worth a follow on Instagram? Let me know – I want to expand my list.

Feature photo: Courteney Cox

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