Friendship break-ups and Robot Brothels: The Spill is live now

Have you ever had one of those days that screamed for a wine and chats sesh with your girlfriends? Enter's podcast, The Spill. The Spill is hosted by our very own self-proclaimed agony aunts Sophie White and Rhona McAuliffe. With a mix of discussion on current affairs, arts and culture and some healthy advice to our listeners, it's the best place to unwind and deliberate the issues affecting Irish women today.

Have you ever had to break up with a friend? Have you been the dumper or the dumpee? Toxic relationships aren't just reserved for romantic ones, and separating from a friend can be just as painful as any other type of breakup. Sophie and Rhona reminisce on times when they've had to cut the cord on close friendships, both in childhood and adulthood, and how difficult it can be to navigate the politics of female friendships. Devastating, vindicating, confusing - our hosts have been through it all, as have most people who've had to distance themselves from a toxic friend.

Our second topic of the show this week may cause a few double-takes, but we promise your headphones aren't broken. A news story this week about a robot sex brothel in Texas, which will be the first of its kind in the US, got our hosts talking about how these unusual sexual outlets are becoming more and more common around the world. What are the ethic and moral implications of paying and having sex with a robot? Will this become the norm for people in the future, or should we be resisting the impending AI revolution when it comes to sex?


On Hit Me Up this week, our hosts are discussing the oldest story in the book. Juggling Act from Cork is running a business with her husband, which has proven to put a strain on the relationship. She and her husband have hired an au pair to help with the housework and looking after their children, but since their new nanny has come into their lives, our writer has been feeling uncomfortable with how she and her husband have been interacting. Is she being paranoid, or should she throw out the au pair for good?

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