Gallic electro is great for the soul, which is why you need to get tickets for Let's French

Since 2006, the Alliance Fran?aise Dublin has been putting on the Parisian ritz for us Celts with their annual Let's French music festival. Electro pop and dance will takeover the Village on Wexford Street for two nights this weekend and you can be guarantee a great time. The programme even says electro is a genre in which ?France has excelled in the past 20 years.? Sometimes that nation's arrogant stereotype is a stereotype because it's true. However, the great thing about Let's French is it brings two fine nations together for two nights of dancing. Representing good auld Eire is Le Galaxie, Lasertom and Daithi, while Team France is comprised of Fakear and Da Sexuality. Irish/French hybrid Classroom Battles completes the rest of the line-up.

This year marks the beginning of a planned future focus on electro so make sure you grab the opportunity to say you were there before it became a behemoth.


Let's French kicks off this Friday and Saturday in The Village on Wexford Street. For more information, a taster playlist and some tickets visit

Jeanne Sutton @jeannedesutun

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