French Cancer Awareness Ad Explores Nicknames For Breasts

Breast cancer is one of the most serious of subjects. It is the most common cancer to affect women in this country. Every year around 2,600 women are diagnosed with and, according to the most recent statistics, 660 women die annually from the disease. It is estimated that 1 in 10 women will be diagnosed during her lifetime. Next month is breast cancer awareness month the world over, which means you are going to see a lot of articles and events about the disease in the coming weeks - and rightly so. Everyone knows someone who has been affected by breast cancer. Some stories are close calls. Others are tragedies, sad quirks of fate that change the lives of everyone involved.

However, this French ad attempts to lighten the mood when it comes to breast cancer awareness, with a jaunty video of women cheekily illustrating the various names they have for their breasts with a series of colourful props. The campaign comes courtesy of coffee brand Carte Noire and BETC and encourages women to seek regular screenings. With the tagline #AuNomDesSeins - in the name of breasts - the ad introduces 12 French personalities and their barely-covered chests. Musicians Yelle and Micky Grenn appear alongside lingerie designer Chantal Thomass and various bloggers. Very cool.

The creatives behind the campaign say they chose this bright and neon approach they "didn't want to take a negative or scare-tactics approach to the subject. Manoelle Van-dee-Vaeren, David Aronson, Fanny Molins and Pierre Caurret told Ad Week, ?Unlike lung cancer, you can't do anything to affect your chances of getting breast cancer or not, so why make people feel guilty about something they can't control?" What a fantastic attitude.

Have a watch. It's a pretty cute video with a powerful, and potentially life-saving message.


Via Ad Week

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