Four websites worth wasting your time on today

The internet can be an awful dreary place, which is why some media organisations have gifted the internet with designated places to laugh, question, ponder and cry.

Yes, fake news is rampant, but do you know what isn't rampant? Laughter; and the world needs more laughter. If you're bored with your usual internet stomping grounds today, give these very delightful websites a click. These are the real 'CLICK HERE TO SEE SOMETHING AMAZING' websites that interrupt your scrolling on Facebook, but honestly, you will see something amazing or a serious WTF moment. This is writing with proper wit.


Brought to you by the hilariously satirical bunch at Waterford Whisperers News, GASH is their latest 'female friendly' project that promises women "who don't need a female-focused site because, fuck, that's kind of backwards when we think about it" a place to read the latest news and trending topics. Leave all inhibitions and insecurities at the door with this one and just dive right in. As you might expect from an Irish website, there is an abundance of swear words. In fact, the majority of headlines on the site include at least one curse word.


The Onion

The Onion is arguably one of the most well-known satire websites circulating the web right now. Based in Chicago, the company originated as a weekly print publication in 1988 and started publishing online in 1996.  Featuring insightful pop culture commentary, interviews, reviews, features, and other entertainment-related articles – like 'improvised Kenyan bean picker can't wait to see what Starbucks has to say about racial sensitivity', 'NASA announces plans to place a giant pair of sunglasses on the sun', and 'Air Wick introduces new piss scented bathroom diffuser'. This is what the internet was invented for.

Bored Panda

You might recall Bored Panda's smart, witty and entertaining videos on Facebook (who have accumulated a community of more than 13 million people worldwide). Aside from Facebook though, Bored Panda has been around for quite some time and focuses on art, design, photography, community and bringing creative people together. You'll find a mixture of relatable, interesting and sometimes unbelievable articles and is perfect for a Sunday afternoon tear-jerker (like this deformed dog who found his forever home, or hilariously disturbing photos of bearded men looking straight up if you're looking for a WTF moment).



ClickHole is a satirical website from the people who created The Onion. Their tag-line, "because all content deserves to go viral", sums up what you can expect before clicking. Born in 2014, Clickhole is essentially the Onion’s younger brother which clearly parodies Buzzfeed (even down to the colour-scheme). Expect "news", quizzes, click-bait of the highest calibre like "of course Margot’s only skin routine is splashing her face with water at night". The Guardian newspaper has questioned whether the articles are “a satire of clickbait or good satire done as clickbait”, but we'll let you decide.

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