Five reasons why Rosie is the ONLY movie you should see this weekend

Rosie is a movie that hits you straight in the gut and lingers on your mind long after the credits have rolled. With a simple narrative that packs a serious punch, this story of a young Dublin mother (Rosie) trying to lead her family through a hopeless situation is one that will crack a line in even the hardest of hearts.

If you were planning a trip to the cinema this weekend, allow us to highlight why Rosie is one film that deserves to be top of your list.

1. An incredibly well-told story

The acting is impeccable, the storyline is evocative and the best thing about it? There isn’t a hint of Hollywood. They’re not shoving the sadness down your throat; they’re just presenting a bare-faced reality that many people are experiencing today. And it’s harrowing.

2. Written by Roddy Doyle


Enough said.

3. Starring one-to-watch Sarah Greene

Sarah Greene has been steadily acquiring an impressive reputation in the world of acting over the last number of years, and her performance as Rosie does not disappoint. This girl is mega-talented and is definitely set for big things, so watch this space.

4. Ideal if you need a good cry

As is the case with movies such as The Notebook and more recently A Star Is Born, Rosie is sure to pull on your heart strings and relieve any bulging tear ducts that need a good emptying.

5. It’ll put your own life into perspective

This story takes an up-close-and-personal look at the current housing crisis, and whilst many know the hardship that this reality can present, there are still lots of people fortunate enough to not have a clue. Think you could fall into the latter cohort? Then go and see this movie. It will help you to re-evaluate your own life, realise how lucky you are, and hopefully, it might even spur you on to do something to help the awful situation.


Rosie is now screening in selected cinemas throughout the country. 

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