Forgot Your Deodorant? This Handy Hack Will Keep You Dry All Day

We were told recently that we have probably been applying our deodorant the wrong way, but what happens when we rush out the door without putting it on? What if some of us are just prone to excess sweating and we know we can't be without our antiperspirant? This has happened to us all, but fear not, as this handy hack apparently works like a charm in terms of keeping you dry all day.

All you need is a small bottle of Hand Sanitiser. Yes, you did read that right. Apparently, putting a dab of hand sanitiser under each armpit will keep you dry and odour-free throughout the day.

A Reddit user originally posted details of their positive experience of this underarm hack, and the Internet has suitably embraced this new tip - with many agreeing it's brilliant for keeping the sweat at bay.

ICYMI: Deodorant. You're Doing It Wrong.

In a way, it makes sense that this would work. Body odour is caused by a build-up of bacteria on the skin. Alcohol kills bacteria, and removes the odour. As alcohol is one of the main ingredients in hand sanitiser, using it on the area should kill bacteria and eliminate any body odour.


Simply apply a dab or two of the hand sanitiser (a simple, fragrance-free one will do fine), to each armpit. Though as it will contain alcohol, be careful not to apply it directly after shaving, as it will sting!

Keep your arms lifted and allow them to air dry after application. Once the area is fully dry, you're protected against sweat. An even more effective alternative is to wash your underarms with soap and then apply the hand sanitiser. Be warned though, while this hack is good for the odd day or two, it is not recommended to apply hand sanitiser as deodorant often, as it will dry out the armpits and can irritate them. However, if you have an emergency situation, this should save the day.

This sounds good to us, have you tried this one before?

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