For Women Who Love Whiskey

Whiskey is no longer just relegated to hot toddies in the run up to Christmas. The spirit for which our nation is roundly praised all over the world is having something of a major moment. Especially among us ladies.

This NPR report from late last year looked at how the so-called ?whiskey renaissance? is being fuelled by female consumers, not just men who are fed up with increasingly ridiculous named craft beers. Lady Gaga has even gone on the record to say she loves Jameson. Christina Hendricks, the Mad Men actress, fronted this very sexy Johnnie Walker campaign two years ago.

Market reports estimate that since the 1990s the female percentage of Americans imbiding whiskey went from 15% to 37%. Some people quoted in the report say the reason for this is to do with the shifting paradigms of power and the freedom that whiskey represents. Anecdotally, we have to agree. A glass of whiskey, whether topped woth gingerale or ice, looks very damn cool. So cool, a whole festival has been dedicated to the brew.


Last night saw the Dublin Whiskey Festival kick off. The premise? 25 venues in the capital join forces to celebreate the beautiful uisce beatha, with 30% off whiskey based drinks to people with dedicated wristbands - at €5 a pop you're practically saving your pay cheque. Every bar is offering a menu that includes Irish Hot Toddy,? Irish Coffee, Irish Whiskey Cocktail, Irish Whiskey paired with a local craft beer or? Irish whiskey, the choices on offere are pretty great. Teeling Whiskey, one of our favourite Friday evening drinks, is offering cocktail recipes to The Blind Pig, Stags Head, Coppinger Row, Diep Le Shaker, Headliner, Against The Grain, Bull and Castle, Izakya, Palace Bar and Ukiyo.

The Dublin Whiskey Festival runs until February 21st. Buy a wristband here or at any of the participating venues.

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