Foods to Help You Fall Asleep

Not getting enough sleep every night? It's a modern complaint that is getting more and more common in everyday conversations. Stress can keep your heart beating as you worry about every aspect of your life. Then there's the bad news that the light from phones and e-readers are sending your brain messages that it's not ready to switch off.

However, as it is the sensible trend, many people are looking to their kitchen as a way to get more downtime every night. Here are some of the power ingredients for a powerful night's sleep.


Leafy greens such a spinach and kale are go-tos for magnesium, a mineral various studies on insomnia have found helps improves sleeping patterns. Also, avocados and pistachios are an easy source for this magical mineral. That's a fun salad idea for tomorrow.

Chamomile Tea


AKA period tea. This brew, which can sometimes taste like heated up rainwater, is undeniable beneficial. It has calming properties that help settle your body after a stressful day. Also, being dehydrated can keep your body awake, so boil that kettle, and maybe explore some watery fruits.


Turkey contains an amino acid called tryptophan, which produces serotonin. Midnight sandwiches are a good idea after all.


Certain proteins can help you fall asleep faster. So instead of counting sheep, count some nuts and low-fat dairy - yogurt and certain cheeses are perfect for this.

Whole Grains


Not so evil after all. Breads and pastas can aid in nabbing some shut eye, if you combine them with a protein such as turkey, see above, or eggs and dairy.? Again, make having a sandwich part of your nightly prep routine.


Cherries aren't Irish people's first port of call for a fruity snack, however these tart little guys are a natural sourse of a horomoe called melatonin. According to the experts, melatonin helps you sleep better. When you're done munching a small portion try perfecting that knotting the stem trick. Might as well have a party piece.

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