Florence & The Machine's New Video

The entire Image.ie office are serious Florence & the Machine fangirls. There may be whole Pinterest boards dedicated to lead singer Florence Welch's style and Pre-Raphaelite hair. There was also her stunning appearance at Chanel's ?bistro? show earlier this month in Paris. Who else would pull off a head to toe dusty pink suit?

However, Florence is queen of our playlists first and foremost, so we're very excited about her upcoming album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.

Welch is back on searing vocal duties after taking a deserved a break following the high-profile release of Ceremonials in 2011. St. Jude is the third song and video off her new album and its somewhat more mellowed in tempo than the rousing What Kind of Man. It fits into same cinematic niche as the title song from the album, and all three videos utilize beautiful modern choreography.

For St. Jude we open with abandoned building as the rain pelts down and a couple separates from their embrace. Welch then wanders through a village in the twilight, singing to Saint Jude, the patron saint of lost causes. It's all very atmospheric and doesn't make much sense. She runs into her lover again, and leaves him on the roadside. A stranger intercepts her asking is she travelling alone. She continues her walk, ending up in a field under a purpling sky as birds swarm in a pack above.


Have a listen.

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