Lino is the new thing to be smug about on Instagram. We look at the emerging #floorcore trend...

If you thought Instagram, home of the choreographed salad and filtered landscape, couldn't get more are-we-really-doing-this, then say hello to #floorcore.

The latest trend takes the #fromwhereistand trend and focuses it on floors. A quick perusal through the images Instagram users are posting may make you feel a bit left out what with the lack of trips to Morocco and subsequent carpet purchases but overall we're liking this focus on sharp design and quirky interiors. #Floorcore is a near cousin to the #shelfie, which originally shifted social media focus from faces to shelves. The pressure to buy original prints and pretend to read Auster was strong in this one...

Our top tips for a #floorcore snap are:

  1. Do a quick hokey-pokey for photogenic feet. When we get our mani-cam on we shake our hands a bit to get the blood flowing and blue veins subsiding.
  2. Think long and hard about your shoes. Juxtaposition is key. If you're capturing a beige or minimalist floor might we suggest some primary colours or statement heels? In a five star hotel with the most amazing mosaic and inlay marble? Find those scruffy loafers that say ?I've been places and have had my passport needlessly stamped?.
  3. Hide the handbag. No one needs to know you have a tidy and pretty Michael Kors. This is about that floor, not your personal brand.

Now go forth, look down at the potential stars and get snapping. And remember what Yeats said:??Tread'softly?because you tread on my dreams?

Jeanne Sutton @jeannedesutun

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