Five ways that September is inspiring our #MondayMotivation

Not only is it a September Monday today, it's also the first day that it's truly felt like autumn this year. My winter coat shook off its cobwebs (figuratively - I'm not that much of a slob) and made its new season debut this morning, and the air felt decidedly different from the sluggish summer heat of June and July.

It got me thinking about how September really is the Motivation Monday of the calendar year. This is the month to really get our butts in gear and to tap into the sense of productivity in the air to get stuff done. These are just five ways that you can use September as the perfect inspiration for this week's #MondayMotivation.


Follow the school starters

September is ingrained in our collective mind as 'back-to-school' time, so you may notice yourself hankering after new stationery, new timetables and a renewed sense of structure and productivity. Don't be afraid to tap into that temptation and go with the back-to-school flow. Your brain has been trained since age five to kick itself into gear come September, so it's the perfect time to find new motivation and energy for your adult life too.


New wardrobe

A new wardrobe for a change of season is, of course, a necessity. And if the age-old adage of 'new look, new me' has taught us anything, it's that the power of a changed appearance should not be underestimated. Have you ever felt that, with the right outfit, or even the right haircut, you could take on the world? That exact feeling is where your autumn motivation lies. Go forth, shop and be a beast productivity-wise with your findings.


Cosy nights in

Now that summer and its endless social calendar is coming to a close, we're finally into the season of pyjamas and evening telly. Without a thousand different events to attend (until the Christmas silly season, that is), autumn is a time to get down to business while you have some free time. Clear out your wardrobe, take up yoga classes, start that new book and spice up your peaceful autumn evenings.



No New-Year pressure

January is absolutely fraught with pressure about new starts. Everyone and their mother is starting pilates or taking up Spanish, and as we inevitably fall off the wagon, we tend to feel like much more of a failure because of it. September is a much quieter motivational month, where you can take up your new-found productivity with less stress about comparing to others.


Winding down and gearing up

Let's face it - January 1st is a terrible time to take up a new resolution. Christmas is just over (so there's nothing fun to look forward to), and you're most likely broke, sluggish and feeling a bit miserable. September, on the other hand, with its crisp autumn air and lingering summer optimism, is a much better time to be productive. As everyone else starts to wind down to the end of the year, use this time to get the motors running, which will carry over to a big head start in January too. Win-win.


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