Five Tips For Slowing Down

Career coach Jane Downes outlines some effective techniques for changing hurry sick behavior.

1. MANAGE YOUR TIME Put a value on your time and learn to say no to other demands.

2. TAKE CONTROL Know your priorities and how you want to use your time.

3. SIMPLIFY Don't try to do to much. Ask yourself "Is this essential?" Better do some things very well than lots not well.


4. BE AWARE OF WHAT YOU TELL YOURSELF If we spend the day saying "I have so much to do", that will become your reality. Instead, try saying, "I am in control, and I can do this" and observe the change in your approach.

5. ?DECIDE UPON YOUR WORK LIFE BALANCE?Perhaps you sacrifice life and experience for busyness, intimacy for interaction, spontaneity for a workplace persona? Are you living to work rather than working to live? Financial security is achievable without buying into the macho myths of the workplace, by placing the focus firmly back on authentic values and needs.

This article originally appeared in the April issue of IMAGE, on shelves now.?

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