Five Reasons to Love Paris

  1. The new Mus?e D?Orsay Impressionist wing. The soaring ceilings, the reverential hum of the cultured throng, those voluptuous ladies - And all the lovely art students from around the world hunched over their sketchbooks. Even if you can't draw a stick figure, it all makes you feel like giving it a go.
  2. Passage Brady, 10th arrondissement. One of the longest covered streets is door to door with Indian and Pakistani restaurants. Budget and foodie heaven.
  3. Fish La Boissonerie, 69 rue de Seine, 6th arrondissement. If it's good enough for The Barefoot Contessa, it's good enough for us. Ina Garten's fave Paris restaurant is casual and American-owned, but French in flavours. Outstanding locavore bias and wine edit in the heart of St Germain.
  4. Berthillon Ice Cream on the Ile St Louis- green apple, pear caramel, mocha tiramisu - you get the picture. And don't rush it. The queue is at least half the fun.
  5. Paris Plage. Just for the sheer balls of it. Go on. Dump a few million tonnes of sand along the Liffey and let's see how we get on.




Laura George used to spend a lot of time in Paris acting the flaneuse. Now, not so much.

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