Five podcasts we think you'll enjoy this spring

Now that the days are getting longer and the possibility of long, leisurely walks is looking all the more promising, a bit of new auditory entertainment is probably in order. Oui?

These are the podcasts we’ve recently discovered and are thoroughly enjoying. Including one show that dishes out great advice; another that’ll appeal to dog-lovers; and one that explores what Ireland’s younger, “woke” generations are up to right now… don't worry, it's nothing scary!

Each has received our seal of approval, so we just hope they delight your earholes as much as they do ours.

How To Fail With Elizabeth Day


How To Fail With Elizabeth Day is a podcast that celebrates the things that haven’t gone right; recognising that in life it often takes tumultuous lows to reach those eventual, almighty highs. Every week, a new interviewee discusses the various perceived failures of their life and explores what the experience has consequently taught them since. The conversations are always honest, often funny and definitely very uplifting, making this a good one to listen to if you’re going through a tough time.

Star episode: Deborah Frances-White


The premise for this podcast is very simple: interview run-of-the-mill people about their substantially non run-of-the-mill jobs. Asking questions we all wonder, like “How does a greeting card writer do their job?” and “What’s it like to be a marijuana worker?” (and for those who have never wondered this, now that we’ve mentioned it, don’t you want to know the answer?), this show sheds light on the fascinating side of one person’s daily grind. From rabbis and park rangers to zumba instructors and food stylists, Working brings us on a whistle-stop tour of one person’s working life; the best and worst parts of the role; and how they got the job in the first place…

Star episode: “How Does a Drag Queen Work?”

The Futurist


Just when you thought Irish journalist/ stylist/ GAFF interiors co-founder Jo Linehan couldn’t possibly fit any more into her schedule, she goes and makes a podcast (and a brilliant podcast at that). With her sights set on exploring every aspect of the fashion industry and forecasting what its future may hold, Jo invites an interesting mix of interviewees to share their take on topics. She’s only a few episodes in (having covered fashion technology, sustainable fashion and body inclusivity) so far, but already we are impressed, and look forward to seeing what she’ll be covering next.

Star episode: Inclusivity in Fashion with Louise McSharry

Walking The Dog with Emily Dean

This podcast features high-profile celebs opening up about their lives, all whilst going on a leisurely walk with their dogs. A lovely show that packs many insights into each episode, this is largely thanks to Emily Dean’s casual interviewing approach, alongside her ability to gently probe guests on topics she knows the public are dying to find out about. Stick it on whilst on your next walk and it’ll feel like the next best thing to joining them IRL!

Star episode: Episode 7 - Gary Lineker

Molly’s Minutes

What with her sweet, giggly persona and earnest interest in all sorts of topics and taboos, Molly Parsons makes a lovely host of what is essentially a podcast exploring the workings of the modern, woke, millennial/ Gen Z brain. From bloggers, writers and DJs to sustainability activists and mental health advocates, Molly has welcomed lots of interesting characters to the show thus far, each exuding impressive levels of passion and charisma. If you want to know what the young movers and shakers of Ireland are up to, give this podcast a listen.

Star episode: Episode 4 with Editor of District Magazine, Eric Davidson


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