Fiona Byrne

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Currently based Lower East Side, New York? Going home to Offaly

Fiona founded the lifestyle, fashion and culture website The Byrne Notice in 2012, and also hosts and styles the Teen Vogue ?My Room Makeover? series. She's interviewed everyone from Woody Allen to Paul Simon and written for The New York Times and New York Magazine. ?I love coming home for Christmas for two very obvious reasons: food and family.

I literally dream about ham cooked by my mother, sandwiched between two slices of the freshest Brennans bread - so salty and delicious. I also love her homemade burgers, her shepherd's pie ... I'm obsessed with anything involving Irish beef and dairy. You can really taste the purity of Irish food. I eat organic in New York, but even that isn't a patch on fresh Irish food. The family thing speaks for itself; I love to hang out with my nieces and nephews, and it's so fun to catch up with the girls from school. There's something special about being friends with people you've known since the age of seven. Christmas is a wonderful time to come back to that.?


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