Finding Ourselves at Inchydoney

When you spend your time beavering away in the big smoke, surrounded by concrete and stuck in traffic, it's easy to forget how utterly gorgeous certain parts of Ireland can be and what opportunities for total tranquility you may find should you dare to venture westward.

With a bleak few months ahead, at least in weather terms, now is the perfect time to whisk yourself away for a weekend of wintery walks, rejuvenating views and long, uninterrupted slumbers. Recently, we took time out to sample the good life at Inchydoney's Island Lodge and Spa. Let it be said, if it's an escape from the daily humdrum that you're after, this is where you'll find it.

Set on the edge of the Atlantic's most rugged coastline, and just minutes in the car from the charming Clonakilty, is where you'll find this restorative haven. But while we were there to recharge the proverbial batteries, it doesn't have to be all about R&R at Inchydoney; there's ample opportunity, all year round, to indulge in some outdoor activities (surfing, kayaking, whale watching and more).

Upon arrival, you'll be welcomed by their friendly and efficient staff - we were even handed a tipple of Irish Mist; a surefire way to warm the belly. Then it's off to your room, complete with gigantic bed, boasting extreme levels of comfiness. Nothing quite compares to those days when you can swap the sound of your alarm for the gentle swishing and swooshing of sea. And then there's the view as you draw back your curtains to find a world of natural wonder laid out before you. That alone would knock years off you.

After scrumptious breakfasts at their Gulf Stream Restaurant, impromptu sing songs in the bar and calming walks on Inchydoney Beach, the rest of our time was spent enjoying the luxurious spa facilities. Should you find the will to drag yourself out of the bubbling pools, the Sleep Tight Slumber Ritual is the perfect antidote to high-octane city life. Irish Mist or no Irish Mist, there's no way you won't sleep like baby after this.


Needless to say, a weekend spent at Inchydoney Island Lodge & Spa gets two enthusiastic thumbs up from us. We'd give it more, but alas, we weren't born with three or four thumbs.

So be good to yourself this side of winter and consider a world away from the 9-5.

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