Fighting Fast Fashion: Dublin's Second-Hand Game-Changers

Considering the low wages of factory workers and the pollution, and landfill waste it generates, “fast fashion” increasingly leaves a sour taste in our mouths. 

Designer resellers, consignment shops, “dress agencies”, charity shops; call them what you will, but spending your money on second-hand clothes is a great way to go for anyone environmentally, economically and socially minded. They aren't just about quirky vintage buys either, a recent trip to Siopaella had us drooling over current season Gucci loafers. 

This week we’re taking inspiration from Livia Firth, Colin Firth's wife who only wears upcycled designs (some of which she has re-made to her own specs) and  Susan Jane White (author of The Virtuous Tart) whose resolution to buy only second-hand clothes this year is giving us all the feels.

In an effort to follow her lead, we’ve listed some of the best second-hand shops in Dublin; from the high-end second-hand havens to the cheap-and-cheerful charity shops. An endlessly satisfying and guilt-free way to shop, you can expand your wardrobe, reduce your contributions to landfill, and literally save hundreds on stunning one-of-a-kind creations, all in one fell swoop!


Deja Vu, Ranelagh

Deja Vu, with its tiny blushing facade and shuttered windows, is a must-visit for any woman on the hunt for a bargain. Proof that bigger is not always better, this teeny shop is selective with its stock but generous with its offers.

Cobblers Wardrobe, Sandymount

Cobblers Wardrobe is both a pre-loved designer boutique and shoe/handbag repair service nestled in Sandymount village. With a serious following of fashion fiends who come far and wide in search of a show-stopping garment, it’s Dublin’s best-kept secret.

Siopaella, Temple Bar


Handbags. All shapes, all sizes, and all from the world’s most desirable designers. Of course, this shop is famous for more than just their incredible range of high-end handbags – they have clothes and shoes, not to mention a social media page that enables you to buy their clothes on it directly (and get the jump on fellow shoppers with notifications)! But if you’re in the market for a Celine or Vuitton, this is Mecca.

Lucy’s Lounge, Temple Bar

Lucy’s Lounge is an uncontestable cavern of whimsy and weirdness. When you decide to delve into their array of vintage delights, just be sure to have a coffee beforehand. And make it a strong one.

Dublin Vintage Factory, Smithfield


Situated on Smithfield Square, the Dublin Vintage Factory is a warehouse of hipster shirts, novelty jumpers, and groovy jeans. The perfect remedy for when you’re next hit with a wave of nostalgia.

Designer Exchange, Dawson Street

Designer Exchange is Ireland’s only dedicated pre-loved, authentic designer handbag and accessory exchange store. The staff know everything there is to know about designer bags, making it a great place to start in if you don’t quite know what you want.

A Store Is Born, Claredon Street

The only thing better than real cashmere, is real cashmere sold at a discounted price. The quality of items sold at A Store Is Born is second to none, just bear in mind that they only open on Saturdays, 10am-6pm.


And don’t forget the endless offerings of Oxfam and Enable Ireland stores nationwide, where there are clothes, bric-a-brac, and good karma a-plenty!


Main Photo via Jason Lloyd-Evans

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