Three ways to look and feel human again after the bank holiday

Happy bank holiday Monday, readers!

If you're currently hiding under your duvet, away from the judgement of the outside world, then rest assured so are the rest of us. But instead of giving in to that back-to-work-after-the-long-weekend fear, why not take some time out to recuperate with a bit of feelgood "me time"? We've got three ways that are sure to get you back looking and feeling human in time for work bright and early tomorrow morning, so put a good Spotify playlist on and let the transformation commence.


If you slept in last night's make-up, it is a verified fact that you wake up 87% more hungover. It's also a verified fact that when you give your face a wash, you'll feel 99% better. Suffering from drinkles? Jennifer Rock, a.k.a. The Skin Nerd once described hyaluronic acid as having the ability to change skin's texture from that of a raisin to the plumpness of a grape.


Seoulista's range of sheet masks will make you a new person. The Super Hydration Instant Facial is a vitamin-packed, natural coconut gel-like mask infused with hyaluronic acid to provide intense hydration to quench dry, dehydrated skin. Your skin will be radiant in 20 minutes.

Seoulista Super Hydration Instant Facial, €8.99, Cara Pharmacy


There is no greater luxury than that of a bath, but we are all very busy and important with frantic lives and WhatsApp groups and notifications and it can be difficult to just wash yourself let alone stew yourself for a couple of hours.

It's worth mentioning that Emma Watson, always makes time for a bath. In fact, between championing women and starring in movies and being fabulous, Emma Watson aims for three baths a day. In her "The Top Shelf" on Into The Gloss she said, "I have a bath every single day of my life. And if I can have two or three—amazing. Nothing terrible is going to happen in the bath, so I always find time for that."


So what's your excuse? Wild Oats Gorgeous Bath Milk, created in Waterford, is the cure you're looking for. The milk and oats will leave you feeling nourished and the smell of neroli and lemongrass will relax you as if you were having a spa day.

Wild Oats Gorgeous Bath Milk, €12.50, Kilkenny Shop


Is your tan showing cracks similar to the cracks in your hungover soul?

Shifting old, unwanted tan can be a lengthy process. Hard, panicked exfoliation can end up in patchy tan, rubbing your skin with a dry towel results in raw skin, until all you're left with is Google suggesting you "try toothpaste or baking soda".

Ayurvedic brand Urban Veda's Purifying Body Scrub contains antioxidant-rich ingredients, mint, crushed walnut shell powder, eucalyptus and the scent of spearmint. It will buff away dead skin, strip away your tan and leave your skin looking polished. The best and most satisfying quality is that the spearmint makes your skin feel like it's breathing. It's bizarre, but you're left feeling squeaky clean.


Urban Veda Purifying Body Scrub, €17.95, Natural Skincare Emporium


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