Fatti Burke: Illustrator Extraordinaire

  • by IMAGE

Lacking in inspiration? Check. Tired of working nine to five while your own creative talents are cast aside? Check. If, like so many women out there, you find yourself day dreaming about making it in your own special way, West Coast Cooler's Making It series is the confidence booster you need.

We at IMAGE have teamed up with West Coast Cooler whose exciting project focuses on empowering the young, talented women of Ireland by profiling a select few who've carved a unique niche for themselves, trailing a blaze for others to follow. Today, we're all eyes on illustrator extraordinaire, Fatti Burke.

Fatti Burke, known to her friends by her real name, Kathi, is a?Waterford-born, Dublin based illustrator specialising in what she describes as a 'certain scrawl of hand-type' that you'll have spotted in our most recent annual issue of BASH (our wedding magazine). She began her career as a graphic designer, before realising that it was really within the area of illustration where her talents lay. A permanent fixture on the Irish design scene, Fatti is at her best with a marker in her hand. Having worked with all sorts of progressive Irish brands, she has made quite the name for herself.

Enough from us, though, let's hear from the woman herself. Watch here as Fatti talks us through her unique, creative career. Prepare for inspiration overload.


For more details and to see other participants visit?westcoastcooler.ie


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