There are some fantastic movies being added to Netflix in June

June is really going to be a great month on Netflix

While we all may be focusing on when and where we can escape quarantine to socialise with friends and family again, we all still need some good movies to decompress to at the end of all that excitement. Netflix, as always, delivers, and the latest stack of movies being added to its library is particularly great.

On Twitter today, Netflix's UK and Ireland account let us know just some of the great movies getting added to the platform next month, and there are some gems.


Here are some of our favourites.

Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again

If you watch this just for the five minutes that Cher appears in a white wig, it's worth it, believe me. Being a lover of the first Mamma Mia film, I was highly sceptical of this when it came out, but it is positively joyful. A great summer watch, just to daydream about spending the season on a Greek island.


The Disaster Artist


Again, a movie I was really sceptical of, but when I watched it, I was completely proven wrong. For those of you not versed in cult internet movies, The Room is widely regarded as the worst movie ever made. Tommy Wiseau, an aspiring actor/director/producer is convinced that his creation is deserving of more attention, and goes on a mission to get his movie into the world. The Disaster Artist tells Tommy's story, and wins over the audience completely to his endearing blind faith in his talent. A really great watch, and hilariously funny.


The Big Lebowski

If you don't like The Big Lebowski, I don't know what to say to you except "that's, just, like, your opinion man".



You'll either love or hate this classic drug lord saga, but as it is widely regarded as one of the best crime movies ever made, it's definitely worth giving a go. Al Pacino plays Tony Montana, a Cuban refugee who rises to become the most powerful drug lord in Miami. It's extravagant, dramatic and very quotable. Perfect to finally get around to watching.


God, I love this movie. I'd honestly watch Dreamgirls once a week, which is why I'm so thrilled it's being added to Netflix. Just over two hours of BeyoncΓ© and Jennifer Hudson (who won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress) singing their absolute guts out to Motown tunes? What else could you possibly want?

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