Facebook is Cited in 1/3 Divorce Cases

Facebook is now increasingly cited in UK divorce cases, so log out if you're feeling tempted. It might save your marriage,?and your money from being swallowed up in divorce fees.

A survey of cases at the Leeds firm Lake Legal found that a lot of divorce cases involved people getting in touch with exes through the social media site. While in most cases this leads to one realising the past belongs firmly in the past and asking why letting that guy anywhere near your person was a sane idea, the site is also leading to affairs. Over a third of Lake Legal's divorce case notes cited Facebook.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Lyn Ayrton, managing partner in the firm, said that Facebook provides evidence that can later be used in court by warring sides. The way such sites offer an ?ongoing log? of one's life, with geo-tagging and check-ins, can often lead to a timeline that offers ?irrefutable evidence of infidelity?. The site can also prove if a spouse is lying about their earnings - which is one way to stop men posing in profile photos with their cars.

It's all very?The Good Wife, isn't it?


So the moral of the story is to cut back on the old flame creeping. Or have an affair the old-fashioned way - climb a balconyor send a letter in invisible ink via carrier pigeon. At least they all beat getting a message from the college boyfriend asking ?Is that you in your profile pic??

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