How To Get The Perfect Wedding Day Hair

Gently styled long locks or a striking up-do ?can enhance your features?and finish off your bridal look to?perfection.?Find a wedding hairstyle that does justice to your natural beauty and represents the style you wish to embody on your wedding day with the help of these talented professionals.



I AM a session stylist for 18 years, working all over the world from London, Paris, New York and Toronto on everything from editorial, music and film to bridal.

I LOVE HAIR because it is so innovative. My most recent venture is an app called Raven, which is a 'massive success with brides from the build up to the day itself. I have all their beauty needs covered under one umbrella and of course pampering hen nights too!


I DO HAIR in relaxed, effortless styles and tailor individual styles for any bride on their special day.

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I AM a city centre-based hairdresser fully dedicated to the client. Our philosophy is to create commercial but creative looks, suitability is the key to our successful hairdressing. We work with clients to deliver the result they want to achieve.

I LOVE HAIR and how it can define you, change how you feel about yourself and instil confidence on that special day. At DaveyDavey our creative wedding team are dedicated to making your wedding day as special as possible. And to create a unique and classic look that embodies the bride's individual style and personality.


I DO HAIR from our gorgeous salon in the heart of Dublin, or at the home of the beautiful bride.

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