What to expect from 2019, according to your horoscope

Love them, hate them, or secretly worship them, we all have an opinion on our horoscope. While most people would love to laud themselves as strictly logical and sceptical beings, we all like to indulge in a little star-gazing every once in a while. When things go wrong, or there's a problem you just can't seem to see your way out of, having galaxy-given advice that absolves you of all responsibility is a pretty nice feeling. And, of course, there's the fact that horoscopes are a really fun way to pass the time.

So, whether you're a believer or not, 2019's stars definitely hold something in store for you. The new year has just begun and is still full of possibilities, many of which stemming from planetary movements and the alignment of our signs.

You'll be pleased to hear that, after the complete and utter chaos that was 2018 (all those retrogrades really took their toll), 2019's cosmic future looks much more balanced. Four planets will transit their home signs on the first of January, so don't be surprised if you enter the new year feeling peaceful and strangely harmonious. Saturn is running the show this year, which rules over achievements and success. Don't be afraid to take this year to go after what you want, and to allow the fruits of your labour from 2018.

If you want to know what's in store for your star sign in particular, it's all outlined below:




For you Aries, 2019 is all about broadening your horizons. Jupiter in Sagittarius this year will encourage you to experience new adventures. Travel and curiosity is high on the agenda for you, so be sure to keep an open mind when it comes to new opportunities to change, grow and see new sights. Uranus, the planet of change, will move out of your sign in March, and into Taurus, the sign of earnings and work. There's potential to expand and grow within your career while it's there — maybe a new job in a foreign land could be on the cards?



As such a sensual sign, 2019 looks bright for your relationships and intimacy Taurus. This year will see you crave deeper and more substantial relationships, so be sure to invest in both your feelings and those of your partner (or potential new love interest). Uranus is also moving into your sign this year, where it will remain for seven years. This signals a time of confidence in your creativity, and pushing the boundaries of what you can do at work.




After a 2018 spent investing in yourself and your wellness, 2019 is your time to shine Gemini. Jupiter, your personal planet of love, started moving into your seventh house of relationships towards the end of last year, and now, you get to enjoy the benefits, with your love life beginning to amp up. Now is the time to get on the dating scene! But romantic love isn't the only kind of partnership on the cards — this year of glow-ups will see you developing new friendships and expanding your social circle too.



Have you felt like everything has been 'work, work, work' until now, Cancer? Well, all that's about to change, but in the best way. Your career will finally begin to settle down from all the changes of the past few years, but it won't be boring — expect new challenges and enjoying the credit you deserve. But don't use this as an excuse to ignore your relationships, with love and friendship needing nurturing too.


Leo, 2019 will be the year of evolution for you. Uranus will enter your career zone in March, signalling your ambition and confidence going off the charts, resulting in some very exciting career moves. Don't be afraid to reinvent yourself, and be vocal about who you are and what you want. Make it happen, and you won't be disappointed.



Welcome home Virgo. 2019 is your time to reconnect with your roots, invest in your home life and build up your personal relationships. A good foundation at home is essential for growth in every area of your life, and this year, you'll be building that foundation to the best it can be. Enjoy the comfort in nourishing your connections, but don't forget about your own needs either. Self-love is paramount to giving love to others too.



The general theme of 2019 is all about balance, but it's particularly strong for you this year Libra. You're ruled by Venus, so you won't be experiencing any retrograde periods in 2019 (lucky you), so sit back and enjoy the calmness. Take this time to invest in your personal relationships and strengthen your connections that you've built up thus far. Jupiter in Sagittarius this year will improve your communication skills, making you more articulate, but also a better listener. Use that perfect balance to your advantage.


Money, money, money — it's the theme tune to your 2019, Scorpio. Jupiter will be making money moves throughout your financial zone all year, making 2019 the time to earn your worth. Saturn and Pluto will reside in your communications and partnership houses, so consider collaborations and lucrative professional relationships carefully. Be open to new opportunities, and build up your finances in the process.



Been feeling lost about who you are and what you want, Sagittarius? This year will see those feelings disappear, as you start to invest in self-love and self-examination. Identity is the big theme of 2019 for you, which means pursuing your dreams, knowing what you want and being authentic in every area of life. The loud and proud Jupiter will be in your sign until December, so embrace this time to be unapologetically you.


2019 is the time to look to the stars for you Capricorn — in all types of ways. Your ambitious nature means that your investments in your career will pick up and pay off, with your intuition for lucrative opportunities stronger than ever. Some spiritual soul-searching (taking advice from the stars, of course) will help you in deciding which paths to take and which to avoid. Listen to your gut, and then go with it.



2019 is the year of the girl crew, Aquarius. Your social calendar looks set to get a lot busier, and you'll be reuniting and reconnecting with friends, and building that strong community all year long. Excitable Jupiter will be in your 11th house, which means your popularity will soar, and new friends will be lining up. Embrace it, and fill this year with new memories.




Your career dreams are about to take off Pisces, so we hope you're strapped in! Jupiter in Sagittarius will manifest optimism and fearlessness in your moves towards success, with your endless hard work leading to dreams coming true. Expect anything from a promotion to a relocation to a completely new career path – the choice is yours, and the world of careers is your oyster.


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