Everything we know about Demi Moore’s new erotica podcast

The audio drama is deeply immersive, conveying erotica in a unique and tantalising way. Demi Moore hopes the show will help liberate women by being sex positive.

There’s nothing quite like a good scandal, and Dirty Diana has it all — sex, intrigue, power.

Created by Shana Feste, the audio drama is actually inspired by Feste’s own marriage, which survived a temporary break up about ten years ago.

The podcast is produced by and stars Demi Moore, who plays Diana, a corporate executive navigating her sexless relationship and carefully curated life.


As an escape from her dying marriage, Diana secretly runs an erotic website where women reveal their intimate sexual fantasies. 

Deeply immersive

The show is entirely immersive, with sound effects, brilliant dialogue and Moore’s perfectly cast sultry voice as the sexually curious Diana.

We flit between Diana’s interviews with women describing their sexual fantasies, her unfulfilling, married life with her husband Oliver, her regular therapy session and her life at work, where she is constantly overlooked in a boys’ club culture.

In an interview with Variety, Moore said she hopes the audio drama will encourage women to be more open and exploratory in their sex lives and will create a more welcoming environment for them to speak freely about sex and pleasure.


Changing the sexual narrative

The actress hopes Dirty Diana can help push women beyond where they are resting. There is a sexual stigma for women that has caused many to suppress their sexual fantasies and stay in their society-influenced comfort zones.

“In this case, I realise there’s a part for me that my sexuality has felt like it's dangerous, and that I should just keep it under wraps, that I should keep it shut down, and it’s better to just not negotiate or take it off the table,” explained Moore.

She also hopes that male listeners will get “more awareness of what pleases a woman, what they’re interested in. Because it’s equally difficult for men to know how to engage if they’re in the dark,” she explained. 

“I’ve always said men figure it out for themselves, and they know how they work, but what helps them to know how a woman works? I mean, we don’t know. We need a little help learning how to finesse that as well.


“The conditioning can’t change until we change the narrative. It’s something that we really need to do,” she said. “If we as women want to change the experience of being objectified, then we need to bring in another perspective.”

Dirty Diana is a six episode series produced with media and podcast company QCode and new episodes are released every Monday through August 17.

Episodes are available to listen to on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and most major podcast platforms.

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