Everyone is talking about the Four Weddings and a Funeral sequel

Twenty-five years after the beloved nineties rom-com that is Four Weddings and a Funeral graced our screens, we finally get a sequel... of sorts.

In a one-off special, One Red Nose Day and A Wedding, fans finally got to see what became of our favourite characters all those years ago. When the sequel was announced as part of Comic Relief 2019, we were told that all its stars (including Hugh Grant, Rowan Atkinson, Andie MacDowell, James Fleet and Kristin Scott Thomas) would be back, and that it would be Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again! star Lily James tying the knot - she plays Charles and Carrie's daughter.

What has everyone talking, however, is the happy twist that was seen at the end of the 12-minute short film.


For all its charms, the film was criticised for being "very white and very straight," so it's heartwarming to see the reaction when, in what is fitting in our progressive times, Lily James' character marrying her true love, played by fellow actress Alicia Vikander.

To perform the ceremony, Rowan Atkinson does his comeback turn as Father Gerald. Has 25 years in the clergy have made him a dab hand at the whole weddings shebang? Not likely, according to Curtis, who said: “I can promise you he has not improved with age.”

He was right.


One notable absence is the formidable Scarlett, played by actor Charlotte Coleman, who sadly died of an asthma attack in 2001.

As well as paying tribute to her character, jewellery designers Tatty Devine created a new version of the plastic heart ring (it belonged to Scarlett) that made a priest flinch in the original Four Weddings.

And rather brilliantly, it’s now on sale as a limited edition line. When you buy the ring, you also get a page of original script signed by Curtis.


Clips of the segment are above and we'll post the full thing as soon as it becomes available online.

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