Every Brand Mentioned in SATC

This is a video of every brand ever mentioned in Sex and the City...

Sex and the City has gone down in history as the early noughties show with its depiction of sexually and financially liberated women living life on their own terms in a fictionally attainable Manhattan. While a real-life Carrie could almost certainly not afford that many pairs of Manolos, we love it regardless and still debate the episode where the designer shoes went missing at the baby-shower. The epsiode where Charlotte doesn't offer to loan Carrie money has led to verbal shouting matches and near-sundered friendships so we'll leave that for another post. However, one cannot argue that the show was populated with product mentions that both spoke about the characters professional lives - Samantha was a huge PR lady and Carrie had the occasional article in Vogue - and slightly annoyed viewers who felt affording the Eurosaver menu in McDonalds was a minor victory.

This video from the artist Pierre Buttin captures every brand ever mentioned throughout the series and?illustrates the fact that when it come to Sex and the City, it was about more than Manolos. Vogue wins with 36 mentions while Gucci garners 12. Both Prada and Post-its notch up 14 mentions. Berger lives.


Warning: this video might make a communist out of you.

Jeanne Sutton @jeannedesutun

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