Eurovision At Pantibar

Is Linda Martin going to be there is all we want to know!?

Maybe it's true. Maybe not. But rumour has it that Panti will be performing Terminal Three with Linda Martin this evening in honour of the Eurovision. Why us!? It's almost too much! The Copenhagen contest meets all the odd-ballness of the greatest of all possible song contests, keeping the chevre-like cheesiness alive and well. Watching it in Pantibar is as great a tradition as Christmas Eve pints in Grogans, or Arthur's Day at home drinking water - it's a ritual that reminds you you're a normal human. So prepare to heckle those nil points, rehearse your ?A Danish man walks into a bar? jokes, and prepare for Panti and Linda to blow your eurotrash socks off. It's Eurovision time.

From 7pm at Pantibar. For more Eurovision info see here


Roisin Agnew @Roxeenna



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