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Kerry native Erika Fox is a sparkling, flame-haired beauty; an effortless, modern girl with a quintessential twist. Her unique style has us devoted to her blog, Retro Flame,?as well as her Instagram, a place to get a glimpse of her inspiring outfit posts, the latest fashion shows she's attending, along with all the wonderful happenings in her daily life. Retro Flame is gaining a substantial following day by day, from both Irish and international readers, and she is now the go-to girl for all things upcycling, retro and vintage.

Erika spent a summer interning with the fabulous Whitney Port, working alongside the top creatives of The New York Times Magazine, and just recently dedicated three months to fast-paced and contemporary?leading online media site ?Yeah, it was a pretty amazing experience, and believe it or not, sometimes I think it's actually easier to do better over there. They're more open to giving you opportunities. If they see you're a hard worker and you?want it, they'll give you a chance.? You could say Erika got lucky, but she's a potent lady. She set up her creative and fashion-forward blog two years ago, which she uses as a visual diary to enable her to share her creativity and inspiration with her readers. Although Erika is devoted to?fashion, she wants more than just a blog - she wants a business. ?I just completed my commerce and marketing degree. Fashion is what I love, but you need the business mind to complement it.? A lover of vintage and all things retro, her style varies from day to day.

1. Asos // 2 . River Island // 3. Tom Ford // 4. Zara // 5. Acne // 6. Marni // 7. Topshop


Find out more about what makes Erika tick and what's next in store for her in the November issue of IMAGE Magazine, out now.

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