Emma Watson pens touching letter to Savita Halappanavar

Actress and human rights activist Emma Watson has written a touching tribute to the late Savita Halappanavar. The letter, which was published in this month’s Porter magazine, honours the 31-year-old woman who died during a septic miscarriage at University Hospital Galway in 2012.

Emma, who has been campaigning for women’s rights for years, uses the letter to call for “reproductive justice” around the world. Writing with "love and solidarity", the 28-year-old hopes Savita's death will lead to improved women's healthcare across the globe.

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“Dear Dr Savita Halappanavar," the letter begins. “You didn’t want to become the face of a movement, you wanted a procedure that would have saved your life. When news of your death broke in 2012, the urgent call to action from Irish activists reverberated around the world – repeal the eighth amendment of the Irish constitution.”

"I watch the video of you dancing in Galway and am moved to tears by your thousand-watt smile...”


Emma goes on to share anecdotes from Savita’s family and friends, saying, “They told us you were passionate and vivacious, a natural-born leader. I heard that at Diwali in 2010 you won dancer of the night, going on to choreograph routines with children in your community. I watch the video of you dancing in Galway’s 2011 St Patrick’s Day parade and am moved to tears by your thousand-watt smile and palpable enthusiasm.”

“For you – and those forced to travel to the UK to access safe, legal abortion – justice was hard-won.” 

While Savita's death continues to be a huge loss to her family and community, Emma says some good has come from it. "Sharing their mourning and hope with the world, your family publicly supported the Together for Yes campaign. Celebrating repeal, your father expressed his 'gratitude to the people of Ireland'," she writes. "In reciprocity, I heard Ireland’s ‘repealers’ say that they owe your family a great debt.”

Emma acknowledges Savita’s death was a “wake-up call” to our nation, writing, “For you – and those forced to travel to the UK to access safe, legal abortion – justice was hard-won.” She adds the restrictive abortion laws in Argentina and Poland continue to punish and endanger girls, women, and pregnant people.

“In your memory,” the letter to Savita concludes, “we continue the fight for reproductive justice.”



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