Emma Watson Declared Most Outstanding Woman

In news that will surprise no one, Emma Watson has been declared the most outstanding woman in the world by AskMen. Well done Emma!

Besides having a pretty great Hollywood career, it's great to see the Harry Potter actress get acclaim for her side gig as a UN Women ambassador. As the force behind HeForShe, a campaign aimed a encouraging men to push for women's equality across the globe, Emma has been one of the world's most fervent champions for women's rights in recent months,

The AskMen Outstanding Women list seeks to honour 99 ?beautiful, talented, glamorous and just plain kickass women who are defining the world we live in.? Emma topped the poll for her apparent heroic qualities, ones that are very close to that of JK Rowling's Hermione Granger, the intelligent and brave with Watson portrayed in the blockbuster film series. The site wrote:

?Hermione Granger is courageous, loyal and moral to a fault - she embodies the best of J.K. Rowling's wizarding world. So it's fitting that the little girl who was cast to play her back in 1999 would grow up to become a woman not so different from the fictional heroine she embodied. The 24-year-old Watson has noble pursuits in mind. Her alignment with theUnited Nations' HeForShe campaign has made her the face of feminism right now, and she's helping change the way men think about women. Now that's power.?


AskMen's publisher James Bassil said of the Beauty and the Beast actress, ?Emma Watson is so many incredible things at once - rich, successful, famous, stylish, beautiful, intelligent, personable, kind. And yet, rather than be content with a life of luxury, she's thrown her back into a serious social issue in an effort to shift the way our society treats women.?

Here's the full AskMen list:

1.??? Emma Watson

2.??? UFC fighter Ronda Rousey

3.??? Kim Kardashian

4.??? Taylor Swift

5.??? Skiing champion Lindsey Vonn


6.??? Med tech entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes

7.??? Beyonc?

8.??? Amal Clooney

9.??? Jennifer Lawrence

10. ?Serena Williams


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