Emma Watson is not my ?type?. As a child actor, she starred as Hermione in Harry Potter when she was far too pretty for the character and that only made her annoying, and she seemed a bit too squeaky clean and British to me. But something happened in 2011 when her Harry Potter contract ended. She graduated from Brown, got a Mia Farrow and was photographed by Mario Testino for Vogue, while coming out with a statement revealing that for years she'd been ?contractually obligated to not tan or cut [her] hair?. It was clear she was not just the slave of her management, that she had brains, a will of her own and an edgier, sexier side. She's made the transition from child actor to star with grace and as few drunken car crashes possible. Her low-key, sharp look and demeanor encapsulate the word chic. Even her GQ cover from last year and her subsequent GQ Woman of The Year Award (along with that amazing crop-top and trou combo she wore) seemed to confirm that her allure and attraction lay in her restraint and touch of class. Her fashion sense has mirrored her coming of age, from feminine and twee shapes and cuts, to her Rodarte and short, pop-art dresses, to her most recent appearances in Dior, Chanel, and Saint Laurent and move into monochrome and masculine cuts. She's also dating a rugby star in Oxford who's two years younger than her (naughty). Expect more appearances from her as she red-carpets her way around the world these days to promote Noah. I've turned full-circle and have a peculiar obsession about Emma Watson now, fuelled probably by my conviction that underneath it all she's actually a dark horse...

Below, her recent appearance on the David Letterman show where she nails it by kissing him on the top of the head as though he were her grandfather.


Roisin Agnew @Roxeenna

Image courtesy of Vogue and REX Features

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