Embroidery is our new favourite mindfulness hobby and here's why you'll love it too

Newsflash: embroidery is no longer just an activity for grannies and Home Economics students.

Do you remember when adult colouring became the “big thing” as far as mindfulness activities were concerned? All of a sudden everyone was at it, and just like that, it seemed the hours we spent scribbling furiously as children was not in vain. Colouring was back in fashion, and this time no one was going to reprimand us for veering outside the lines.

But as with any trend, it came and it went. Despite all the mindfulness we enjoyed from this colouring craze, our minds invariably started to wander. Enter embroidery.

As anyone who is on Pinterest or Instagram will know, embroidery has blown up as a trendy, mind-calming pastime, favoured by nimble-fingered creative types all over the world. The surge of individuals who are spending their time putting a modern twist on the age-old hobby is incredible, and the things they are making are gorgeous.

From hanging decorations to embellished throws and blankets, all it takes is a few glimpses of these beautifully embroidered images to send you running up to the attic and rummaging out the needles and thread (especially if you are a sucker for a trend and in need of a de-stressing hobby).


And if you have yet to spy these embroidery beauts online, then allow us to guide you towards some of our favourites...

Domino Whisker

Note: Domino is running an embroidery workshop in Dublin's The Dean Hotel from 14th-15th July. Enrol here.

Embroidery Instaguild 


Erika Duran Hand Embroidery

The Messy Brunette


Tiny Cup


Jenny Hart


Handmade Embroidery

Moonrise Whims


And don’t worry if you have no embroidery experience, there are lots of youtube videos and tutorials to help first-timers get on their way.

Main image via peacockandfig.com

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