Elizabeth Banks Launches A Website For Funny Women Everywhere

The age of funny girl power has well and truly?arrived.

If the name "WhoHaha" wasn't self-explanatory enough, the freshly-launched website focuses on bringing funny women to the forefront of the comedic world. The brainchild of?Pitch Perfect?writer and Hunger Games?actress Elizabeth Banks, it aims to make sure any hilarious clips, laugh-out-loud sketches or tummy-achingly funny stand-ups by women actually reach a global audience.

"It's an opportunity", Banks tells?Advertising Age, for women to be put at the forefront of comedy for the first time. The site aims to seek out, host and create original content for the site that focuses on just how funny women can be, from the likes of Saturday Night Live alums Kate McKinnon and Tina Fey, to should-be viral videos of local comediennes whipping their audience into a bent-over-laughing frenzy.

Banks has personal experience in the struggle for women to succeed in comedy, particularly the difference?between online popularity and Hollywood bankability. "Believe us when we tell you that it's not equal and it's hard and you will be held to higher standards and you have to work hard and you have to stay committed". Banks hopes that WhoHaha "prepares new-media talents for Hollywood", where the site becomes the go-to site for the world's most hilarious female comedic talent.

The site was inspired by Banks' hugely popular YouTube series "Really Important Questions", where she answers her fans burning questions, such as "Can you have a sandwich?" and "Will you call me sometime?", and "Ask A Badass?", where she asks fellow stars how badass they are "on a scale from 1 to Elizabeth Banks".


Designed as an alternative option to?FunnyOrDie, where women are featured but whose target audience is predominantly male,?WhoHaha will include men, just not as content creators. "We're not anti-men", Banks is keen to express, "We love boys and men and their eyeballs... [but] it's about promoting female voices, it's?about the 'who' behind the 'ha-ha.'"

Already littered with hilarious skits and brilliant banter, WhoHaha aims to bridge the comedic gender gap in Hollywood that is currently being built by the likes Melissa McCarthy, Amy Schumer, and Rebel Wilson. As well as being a place to get a giggle courtesy of those powerhouse names, the site hopes to be a career launch pad for up-and-coming funny ladies who need nothing more than an opportunity to get the world laughing.

We've already added it to our 'Bookmarks' bar and will be including it in our daily homage to reading everything on the internet. We may even forgive her for the pain caused by?Pitch Perfect 2.

And who doesn't love a cheeky pun.

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